1 Kings 17:1 (GOD’S WORD® Translation)

Elijah, who was from Tishbe but had settled in Gilead, said to Ahab, “I solemnly swear, as the LORD God of Israel whom I serve lives, there will be no dew or rain during the next few years unless I say so.” 


Prophet Elijah had a larger than life epic impact on Israel. It was he who called down fire from heaven, and was himself carried into heaven on a chariot of fire while he was still alive. To cap it all, he and Moses appeared on the mountain of transfiguration and discussed with Jesus about his impending crucifixion.

But what do we know about the origins of Elijah compared with other great characters in the Old Testament like Abraham, Moses, Samuel, David and Daniel? Very little, nothing really – Elijah just seems to burst into the scene from nowhere to directly confront wicked King Ahab and his equally tyrannical wife Jezebel.

Elijah was not a prince like the Prophets Moses, Isaiah and Daniel, neither was he from a priestly lineage like the Prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel. His background is just so insignificant; many Bible scholars believe he was an internal migrant or even a wanderer who eventually settled in Gilead for an extended period of time.

Despite Elijah’s ordinary background and lineage, he had an extraordinary prophetic impact on Israel, was a trusted counsel to the Lord Jesus, and his life has been an inspiration to millions and millions of Christians through the ages. What accounts for such an extraordinary legacy – its Elijah’s absolute trust in Yahweh.

So, you may have been born with a wooden spoon or no spoon, don’t envy those born with golden and silver spoons, turn your eyes upon Jesus, turn your eyes upon Yahweh, and you too will able to testify “Here is a poor man who called out. The LORD heard him and saved him from all his troubles.” (Psalm 34:6 GWT)  


Image: Ascension of Elijah (Wikimedia)

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