Photography of Woman Surrounded by Sunflowers
Joyful woman in sunflower field (Source: PEXELS; Andre Furtado

John 2:9-11 (New Living Translation)

When the master of ceremonies tasted the water that was now wine, not knowing where it had come from (though, of course, the servants knew), he called the bridegroom over. “A host always serves the best wine first,” he said. “Then, when everyone has had a lot to drink, he brings out the less expensive wine. But you have kept the best until now!” 

This miraculous sign at Cana in Galilee was the first time Jesus revealed his glory. And his disciples believed in him.


Weddings all over the world are often joyful events bringing together families, friends, and sometimes entire communities – eating, drinking, dancing and making merriment in good spirits. The more wine there is, the more the cheerfulness; the better the quality of the wine, the more the gladness and delight of the wedding guests.

In this passage about the wedding in Cana, Jesus turned water to wine, his first miracle, and it was astonishing. The master of ceremonies, a person with experience and responsibility to make the wedding feast an amazing experience, tasted the wine and went looking for the groom to commend him for its super-fine quality.

What a way for Jesus to announce himself to the world! He is at a happy place and made it even more joy-full. As I travel through this sometimes difficult world, I want this super-fine wine that Jesus gives, to flavor my journey with JOY-FULL-NESS daily, unfailingly, and this is my prayer for you too, Amen!      

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