“GOD IS DEAD” – Friedrich Nietzsche

God is Dead
God is dead by Nietzsche (Image source: Steemit Philosophy)

Psalm 14:1a (New Living Translation) – Only fools say in their hearts, “There is no God.”


Friedrich Nietzsche was born in 1844 in Germany and died in 1900. He wrote philosophical books that heavily influenced thinking in Europe. In his book “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”, he makes the declaration that “God is dead”.

The book is a novel about a traveler named Zarathustra, who goes to many places, meets different people, and discuss about many things. In these discussions, Zarathustra tries to show that new scientific knowledge of the world has replaced superstitious knowledge, so we no longer have any need to believe in God.

Nietzsche lived at a time when people in Europe were beginning to believe that science will solve all human problems, and humans will be able to create a perfect world. If we can do this with our human wisdom and strength, who needs God? Nietzsche died 118 years ago, I wonder what he would think of the world today?

Has scientific innovation and technology led us into a perfect world? Is the solution to human suffering more scientific discoveries, or the morals that people hold in their hearts? Are we going to end poverty in the world through more science, or through the rich sharing more of the wealth they already have with the poor?

Nietzsche is right that science has improved our understanding of our world; however, this enlightenment has also given us many more technologies to destroy our world. Human problems are not solved by knowledge alone, but by knowledge and a changed heart – only the divine can transform the heart. 

May the God of heaven fill us with knowledge and wisdom, but above all may God help us to have a heart that loves our neighbor as we love ourselves, Amen!   

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