jacob blessings
Jacob blessing the sons of Joseph (Image source: Pinterest)


It is tempting to view life as just a series of disappointments, with all the broken promises and relationships we may have experienced. It is true that every adult person can recall many hopeful situations that brought pain instead; many exciting journeys that ended up as experiences we don’t want to remember anymore.

Jacob, was a man who experienced many disappointments through his long life. He struggled with his twin brother Esau to be the first out of their mother’s womb, but he came out second in that contest. He was beloved of his mother, and they both deceived his father Isaac to give him the blessing of the firstborn – the result was he had to run away from home and never saw his beloved mother again till she died.

The story of Jacob and his children from Genesis 25 to Genesis 50, which takes up half of the book of Genesis, seems to be a story of one painful episode to the next. It is tempting to only see the pain and forget the joys Jacob experienced – loved by his mother; married two gorgeous women; had 12 strong tough boys; was quite a wealthy dude; lived a long life; and died seeing one of his son chief minister of Egypt.

On his deathbed in Genesis 48:3 (NLT): Jacob said to Joseph, “God Almighty appeared to me at Luz in the land of Canaan and BLESSED me…”

A blessed life is a not a life without disappointments, its a life where at the end we can testify like Jacob in Genesis 48:15-16 (NLT) that God “has been my shepherd all my life, to this very day” AND “has redeemed me from all harm…”

May you be BLESSED by the Great God today and always, Amen! 


7 thoughts on “MAY YOU BE BLESSED…

  1. You are a blessing to the kingdom and may God continue to refill you and deepen your well of wisdom and knowledge that you may continue to bless us and posterity.


    1. Amen and Amen… thanks for the encouraging words and prayers; as the Lord gives light and understanding, I will continue to share with the family of God.


  2. Very Nice, practical and meaninful! Especially how the readings are simply, using our day-to-day language and communication style to describe social interactions and political tags… (e.g. dude, minister of …., tough strong boys, etc).
    #Real Thoughts, Real Talk, for Real Practice – Be Content!

    Thanks Dr. E.N


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