Jeremy Taylor
Prayer heals and comforts (Image source: Quotefancy)


A few weeks ago I was in a road accident. What happened and how? I was in a queue of cars, at a red traffic light on a two-way road. There was no on-coming car on the opposite lane, so I decided to get out of traffic and turn into a filling station across the opposite lane. As I made to turn into the lane, I saw on my side mirror that a motorcyclist was coming really fast from behind me.

I hit the brakes; it was a second too late; the motorcycle handlebar hit my car on the side, and the rider went flying in the air. I feared for the worst. Thankfully, the rider got up with a bruised side-arm, but the motorcycle was ugly. I pray every morning for safety before I get on the road, so was angry that this accident happened.

At a quieter moment much later on, I remembered a passage from the Bible, Luke 18:1 (NLT): “One day Jesus told his disciples a story to show that they should always pray and NEVER give up.” So I decided to pray and let out all my anger. Do read up this Jesus story in Luke 18 teaching that persistence in prayer is a great virtue. 

In the course of praying, a number of truths passed through my mind. Road collision will probably happen to people who drive regularly, especially where road users are rough. While the motorcycle was really ugly after the collision, and the rider was thrown into the air, no life was lost – and for this I am eternally grateful.

In prayer, I found healing and comfort. I stopped being angry and instead counted my blessings. In that moment when the collision happened, so much could have gone disastrously wrong. In the days after the collision, if anger had consumed me, the amicable solutions we all agreed to, would not have been possible.

Life is so unpredictable; in periods when life is overwhelming, ‘pray and NEVER give up’. O Lord, help us to pray often, no matter the circumstances, Amen!


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