Miriam’s joy in the Lord (Image source: thoughtsofgrace)


No one doubts that air, food, and water are essential to life. However, not many look at singing and dancing in the same way. We sometimes think we sing and dance for fun and that is the end of it. In truth, we sing and dance for joy and if joy is essential to life, then singing and dancing are essential to life too.

There was an old woman who lived for 90 years in cruel slavery and bondage. She saw her parents suffer, she saw her uncles and aunts suffer, she lost a much loved brother, her years were filled with many tears and indescribable pain. Then one day, heaven came down in great power, and she was FREE at last!

That old woman, Miriam was her name, witnessed so much pain, she learnt to control her emotions with an iron will. When she was set free after 90 years, she decided to let the whole world know. The Living Bible says in Exodus 15:20-21:

“Then Miriam the prophetess, the sister of Aaron, took a tambourine and led the women in DANCES. And Miriam sang this song: Sing to the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously.  The horse and rider have been drowned in the sea.”

Yes, grandmother Miriam, iron lady Miriam, big sister to the great Aaron and the mighty Moses, let out her JOY with singing and DANCES. I bet there were many tears that day, tears of freedom, tears for those who died without tasting that freedom, tears of gratitude to almighty God that delivered them all from Pharaoh.

Heaven, please come down in power on our behalf; drown the horse and rider that is robbing us of sleep, of progress, of success, of joy; Lord, make us sing with DANCES like grandmother Miriam, in Jesus name, Amen!   



  1. This is really beautiful Emmanuel.
    Thank you for bringing the message out this clearly.
    The Bible says the joy of the Lord is my strength.
    If dancing brings joy, then we all need to figure out how to include it in our schedules.


    1. “If dancing brings joy, then we all need to figure out how to include it in our schedules” – you are spot on; we need to dance more often in gratitude for big victories and for small victories too…

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