Good Shepherd
The LORD is my shepherd (Imagesource: ForestHillsBaptistChurch)


The sheep is not strong, fast, tough, or very smart. Thus in a world with Lions, Bears, Wolves, and Snakes, the sheep is in terrible danger. The sheep needs a protector outside of the sheep family if it is to thrive and have a future.

When Israel settled in Canaan, they were like sheep compared to their immediate neighbors like the Philistine, and the powerful countries that surrounded them including Egypt and Assyria. These countries were modern, strong, and aggressive.

To survive, Israel had to depend on Yahweh, for protection in their dangerous location. King David, their most successful leader understood this deeply, and penned those gracious words in Psalm 23:1 – “The Lord is my shepherd…”

This was a confession based on a clear understanding of the dangers Israel faced, as a nation on a daily basis, and the dangers David also faced as a king ruling this small  nation in the middle of Lions, Bears, Wolves, and Snakes.

We too, are sometimes like the sheep in the midst of wild beasts, in those moments when we face incredible challenges, caused by people around us. In those moments, who is our hero, who is our shepherd, whose shield protects us?

I have experienced being saved from Wolves and Bears, through friends and family that have stood by me. However, in my most terrifying moments for survival and progress in this life, like David, I have looked and received help from, Yahweh, my good shepherd – a loving God and an amazingly skillful warrior.

May Yahweh, be your warrior shepherd, as you walk the Earth, Amen!

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