Sheep Astray
Sheep astray, sheep in danger (Image source: wordlynotworldlyblog)


I was 11 years old when I went off to boarding school. I was excited to be going, thinking no more washing dishes at home or helping mum in the kitchen, no more anything, just read my books and play. The first day was exciting meeting friends from back home and making new friends, I was over the moon happy.

Night came and I missed my mum, dad, and brother and I cried. In the morning I could not remember where I was when I opened my eyes, I was in shock. Then the ultimate horror, we were all assigned dormitory duties to sweep, clean, rake, and empty the garbage. Wow! wow!! wow!!! this was very far from what I expected.

I could have chosen a regular day secondary school, and my parents would have been ok with it. I wanted to be independent, and thought ONLY about freedom, without thinking about responsibility, danger, conflict and emotional trauma.

In Isaiah 53:6 (New Living Translation), the Bible says: “All of us [humans], like sheep, have strayed away. We have left God’s paths to follow our own [total independence]. Yet the LORD laid on him [Jesus] the sins of us all.”  

The Bible teaches that there is a path of life that brings out the best in us as individuals and as a society – a path guided by love, sharing and forgiveness. A path where we balance the interests of “me” and “us”. However, we have chosen to elevate “me”, “me”, “me” over “us”, kicking God out completely.

In thinking only about self, we now have a world of pain. Our wisdom has enabled us to powerfully transform the Earth, but our wisdom is insufficient to meet all the challenges we face, we need divine support too. Jesus is the entry point (the door) for a return to the path where the human and the divine are in harmony.

Lord, help us stray sheep, to see your light, and follow, Amen! 

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