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When we move from one country to another, we encounter new cultures, new traditions, new laws, and new lifestyles. While we may not fully understand why the laws are different, we obey them, else we will get punished even if we are new to that country. Laws influence our lifestyle; they have this power because they come with punishment for those who will not obey.

In the creation story in Genesis, God lays out his big plan in Genesis 1:26 (Good News Translation)Then God said, “And now we will make human beings; they will be like us and resemble us. They will have power over the fish, the birds, and all animals, domestic and wild, large and small.” Adam and Eve were the starting point of this plan, not the final product, there were many steps still ahead.

In Exodus, we see God advancing his big plan. He has created humanity, and given us all a sharp mind, a brilliant mind, a creative mind, just like his own. This mind needs an education, needs exposure, needs learning, needs community, needs a counsellor as it makes its decisions on how to live. In Exodus, God has a community of people who accept to be a nation under God as their leader.

In Leviticus, God gives this new nation, a new culture, new traditions, new laws, and a new lifestyle. This new nation, Israel, had been born in Egypt, and lived their lives according to Egyptian culture and laws. God brought them out of Egypt, first to the desert mountain of Sinai, to organize them, and to wash them clean of their Egyptian lifestyle, and lead them into a new lifestyle he had designed.

Israel left Egypt and camped at Mt. Sinai for a year. At Sinai, God started teaching them about himself, how to live with him and with one another, and how to live with neighboring countries. So Leviticus Chapters 1 to 16 focuses on how to worship God, and Chapters 17 to 27 on how to live with him and with one another in love. Leviticus advances God’s plan to create humans to resemble him. Join me and lets study this beautiful but very deeply misunderstood book of Leviticus.

Lord, give us all great light into the book of Leviticus, Amen!

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