REVELATION 8: The Mighty 7th Seal

Image soure: SovereignGraceChurchPasadena

In the past seven weeks we have been in the book of Revelation. The book is about the importance and the work of Jesus after his resurrection. The gospels teach us about the message of Jesus while he walked on the earth, Revelation teach us about the responsibilities of Jesus after his resurrection.

In Revelation Chapters 1-3 we see the resurrected Jesus speaking directly to the Church, to let us know that from his heavenly location, he is still with us, guiding and guarding us. Then from Chapter 4 onward, we see the resurrected Jesus take up the responsibility of managing God’s endtime plans for the earth.

God’s plans for the earth have been in stages; before Jesus came to the earth, the plans ensured that Jesus birth and ministry were top priority. Everyone and anything that was going to be an obstacle, were taken out of the way. Once Jesus was born, crucified, and resurrected, God’s plans shifted to his endgame – closing out this world and preparing us for the new heavens and the new earth.

Revelation Chapter 4 onwards shows that the step by step execution of this endgame is in Jesus hands. He has the scroll with seven seals that contains the plans of this endgame; when he removes a seal, a major tasks takes place. By Chapter 7, Jesus has removed six seals, and now in Chapter 8, he removes the mighty seventh seal; when he did this, there was silence in heaven for a period (Rev. 8:1).

All that happens in Revelation Chapters 8-10 results from removal of the seventh last seal. Beginning from Chapter 11, Apostle John enters into another vision. The seventh seal released seven angels who released different plagues on the earth, the way Moses released ten plagues on Egypt. The impact of these plagues is that the earth begins to fail to support life the way it should. The goal is that humanity will see the writing on the wall that the end has come and turn their hearts to God.

Revelation 9:20-21 (The Living Bible) says: “But the men left alive after these plagues still refused to worship God! They would not renounce their demon-worship, nor their idols made of gold and silver, brass, stone, and wood – which neither see nor hear nor walk! Neither did they change their mind and attitude about all their murders and witchcraft, their immorality and theft.”

In spite of the earth failing, humanity just goes on in its pursuit of wealth at any cost, success at any cost, big building and construction projects at any cost. In the pursuit of our ambitions, Godly worship and values are thrown out of the window. In these times of huge uncertainty all over the world, have you paused to draw nearer to God, or just continue to pursue your ambitions at any cost?

May the simple truths of Revelation inspire us to godliness, Amen!

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