REVELATION – The Future from a Jesus Standpoint

Image source: FirstBaptistChurchBroward

There are many plans for the future; car makers are planning for a future of electric cars and driverless cars; space explorers are planning for a future where we will live on the moon or on planet Mars; banks are planning for a future without cash, everybody will use cards. Whose future plans matter? The book of Revelation says its God’s plans that matter and go on to show us God’s plans.

Revelation 1:1 (The Living Bible) says: “This book unveils some of the future activities soon to occur in the life of Jesus Christ. God permitted him to reveal these things to his servant John in a vision; and then an angel was sent from heaven to explain the vision’s meaning.”

The book of Revelation unveils, unwraps, reveals, the future from a Jesus standpoint. The early Church knew Jesus as a man who walked around preaching; as a man who ate and drank like them; as a man who bled and died and resurrected. Revelation unveiled Jesus in a new way for them and for us too.

The resurrected Jesus is shown in Revelation, as watching over his Church (Chapters 1-3) and as executioner of God’s plans for the world (Chapter 4 onwards). These plans are to close up the present world (Chapters 4-20), and to bring in the new heaven and the new earth (Chapters 21-22). To the early Church, this unveiling of a powerful Jesus helped them to stay strong, and to overcome persecution.

Two thousand years after John wrote down this unveiling of Jesus, it continues to serve as encouragement to the Church, knowing that Jesus is watching over us, even during troubled times in the world. The future of our world that matters is the future that is seen from Jesus standpoint in Revelation.

Father in heaven, give us the patience and persistence, to study Revelation and clearly see Jesus, leading us to a better world, Amen!

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