REVELATION 11-12: Israel Rescued from Trouble

Image source: RockofIsraelMinistries

The first time I tried reading modern French philosophy, it was a tragedy, I understood nothing. The books were in English, but one of the difficulty was that I did not know French history. When my knowledge of French history improved, I understood French philosophy better. Revelation demands us to do the same.

When we read Revelation, we read New Testament prophecy in Old Testament Bible language. We read about lampstands, coloured horses, angels with trumpets, serpent, sodom, egypt, babylon. Early Christians understood the Old Testament so it was clear to them, but we find the language of Revelation tough. As we grow in knowledge of the Old Testament, the easier it gets to understand Revelation.

Two weeks ago we looked at Revelation Chapters 8-10, where Jesus opened the mighty 7th seal. It released seven angels who released different plagues on the earth, the way Moses released plagues on Egypt. The impact of these plagues is that the earth begins to fail to support life the way it should. The goal is that humanity will see clearly that the end has come and turn their hearts to God.

The vision of the end was interrupted in Revelation Chapters 11-12, with visions of Israel. Chapter 11 shows that in the midst of trouble in the world, Israel will be sent two preachers, with power to stop rain like Elijah, and to turn water to blood like Moses, two major Old Testament prophets. The preachers will be killed for being hot headed, but will resurrect after three and half days like Jesus.

Revelation Chapter 12 shows how Satan symbolized as a dragon set out to destroy Jesus, the son of the woman (Israel) but failed. A dragon is a snake with great power to kill. The dragon then went after Israel, the woman, but God protected her. The dragon then went to war against her other children who believe in Jesus – the first Christians were Jewish and they suffered terrible persecution.

Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 11:25-26 (The Living Bible): “I want you to know about this truth from God, dear brothers [gentile Christians in Rome], so that you will not feel proud and start bragging. Yes, it is true that some of the Jews have set themselves against the Gospel now, but this will last only until all of you Gentiles have come to Christ – those of you who will. And then all Israel will be saved.”

Lord, you are faithful to Israel to the end; we rejoice with Israel, Amen!

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