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I never understood for a long time, why song and dance were important to life. In 2 Samuel Chapter 6, King David danced with so much energy, his wife thought he had gone mad. I woke up one morning and realized that the problem was I did not understand joy and happiness. I thought joy and happiness meant I have no troubles.

My thinking was set right by Solomon, in Ecclesiastes 8:15 (GOD’S WORD® Translation) – “So I recommend the enjoyment [of life]. People have nothing better to do under the sun than to eat, drink, and enjoy themselves. This joy will stay with them while they work hard during their brief lives which God has given them…”

Joy does not mean we have no troubles; it is an intentional celebration of the pleasure we get from the good things around us. When I eat spicy well roasted meat at home, I do so with pleasure, happiness, and joy. Like Solomon says above, I carry this joy with me when I return to the office ready to face the challenges that come my way.

Joy gives us strength to keep going despite the storms. Moments of joy are all around us – a touch, a hug, a kiss, from a loved one; the taste from a bite of our favorite fruit; sweet smell from the kitchen when mum, wife, friend, chef has worked their magic.  We express joy with a smile, with noisy laughter, with song-music-dance.

Look out for the many moments of joy around you, celebrate them with a smile, noisy laughter, song and dance, the happier-healthier you become; the stronger your spirit to keep marching on. Stop waiting for a trouble free life, see the many joyful moments around you, celebrate them with singing and dancing.

Lord, give us smiles, noisy laughter, merry songs, and energy to dance like David, as we see and celebrate moments of joy in our lives, Amen! 

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