Jesus Says
Jesus is TRUTH (Image source: BayPresbyterianChurch)


As a child I often thought about the word ‘truth’. I asked myself what does the word ‘truth’ mean? My fascination was partly because at Church I would hear the preacher say “Jesus is the truth” and the sentence just did not make any sense to me. How can a person be ‘truth’? What is this ‘truth’ they are talking about?

When I was a little older, I found that John 14:6 (NIV) reads: Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me…”. So, my question became – what does Jesus mean in claiming to be ‘truth’.

The most direct meaning of truth is to accurately report an event that has happened – no adding or removing of facts, tell the story correctly. Another meaning of truth is to see clearly, and to hear clearly. Was John wearing a red, blood red, or wine red shirt? Mary whispered she wants sugar, did she say two or three cubes?

Accurate reporting depends on accurate seeing and hearing, meaning that truth depends on accurate observation. Before Jesus, the people of Israel depended on prophets and priest to tell them about their God Yahweh. These prophets and priests had seen God in visions, in dreams, and through short visits from God.

On the other hand, Jesus claims to have been with God from the beginning; Jesus  claims to be God the Son; meaning whatever Jesus says about God Yahweh is perfectly accurate. If what the prophets and priests say is confusing, the people need to listen to Jesus, he has perfect understanding of God Yahweh, he is TRUTH.

Christianity is about worshiping God Yahweh, and Jesus is the messenger with accurate perfect knowledge of God Yahweh. So he is the way to understand the truth about God Yahweh. This is why Christians everywhere have to get to know Jesus – get to know the things he did, and said, and promised, he is TRUTH.

Lord Jesus, teach us about you as we read about you in our Bibles, Amen!       

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